We consider ourselves a “boutique” in that the financial products and financial services we recommend are custom tailored to our clients. After defining the scope of the engagement, we sit down with our clients to determine their goals, needs, and priorities. We then analyze their current financial situation in order to develop and implement a financial plan to achieve their financial goals. Systematic Periodic Reviews and Reevaluations are key to the success of this arrangement.

Securities and advisory services offered through NBC Securities, Inc. Member of FINRA and SIPC

Vision Statement

Caledonian Financial is an elite ensemble of individuals who deeply care about helping families and businesses meet (or develop) their financial goals. We do not intend to earn money until we can’t, and then disband. Our goal is to build a company that survives us by several generations. Thus, we hope to attract co-workers and clients that are kind, smart and the kind of people who do (and recognize) high quality work.

We will all give back to our community with our time, talents and money in an attempt to live in the best possible place (which is in our best interest to do so). We are unashamed capitalists who will defend vigorously that system as the best known economic system for raising the standard of living for all. We will defend the individual’s freedom of life, liberty and the right to enjoy the fruits of one’s effort.

Mission Statement

On These Principles We Stand –

We are representatives of a capitalist organization and believe in the free market system as the best creator of wealth.

We believe that we are a primary entry point into the capitalist system and we will find a way to help all who seek our advice.

All clients deserve the best of our opinions.

By following our logical progression of Family Financial Planning, we can transform lives one family and one business at a time.