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Caledonian Financial offers a broad range of Financial Services tailored to each individual’s needs. After sitting down with the client and determining a financial plan, several types of accounts or products may be recommended based upon the needs analysis, risk tolerance, and client’s vision of long-term financial stability.

Investment and Advisory Services

Stocks, Bonds
Mutual Funds
Asset Management
529 College Savings Plans
Portfolio Development
Risk Management
Financial Management

Retirement Planning

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), Roth IRAs, SEP IRAs
401(k) Plans
Money Purchase and Profit Sharing Plans

Cash Management Services

Money Market Funds
Brokerage Accounts that provide Checks
Debit Cards
ATM access, and Bill-Pay

Elder Care

Caledonian Financial Advisors are happy to assist in Elder Care Planning and work with other advisors to form an advisory team.

Financial Products

Many ways to save and build wealth

We offer a wide array of Financial Products. A working knowledge of these products is imperative to the Financial Advisors. However..their ability to explain those investments in an understandable, common-sense manner to their client is also one of their primary objects.

Equities and Related Investments

Stocks, ETFs, UITs, Mutual Funds, Closed-End Funds, REITs, and Preferred Stock

Fixed Income Investments

Money Market Funds, CDs, Municipal Bonds, and Corporate Bonds

Insurance Products

Annuities, Life Insurance, Long-Term Care Insurance, and Disability Insurance